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Even large commercial enterprises, like Twitter, the Apple Store, Paypal, AT&T and have been brought down during an important launch or other operation due to an unexpected escalation of website traffic.

When this happens, resulting revenue losses will far exceed cost of website load testing. For example, during a recently server failure, Amazon lost an estimated $50,000 per minute !

Losing money is frustrating enough on its own, but when it happens after you’ve already spent significant resources on your site design, marketing and other elements of a successful website, the frustration is amplified.

CloudNetCare can help ensures that you can reap all the benefits of your hard work and expenses. Here's how:

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Simple but powerful tool

Reliable and powerful, CloudNetCare is also extremely easy to use. Guided through a simple four-step process, it takes just minutes to set the parameters and run your heavy traffic tests. No installation is required.

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To conduct a test, first create a navigation scenario on your site, which will be reproduced by virtual users during the test. As a flexible serivice, CloudNetCare offers you two types of scenario:

Simple scenario

With this type of scenario, simply copy and paste the URLs that you want the virtual users to browse during the test.

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Selenium IDE Script

CloudNetCare manages the importing of Selenium IDEscripts. SeleniumIDE is a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to record every step of your navigation while you surf a site and automatically reproduces all of your actions. A little more complex than the simple scenario, it allows for more complex interactions, such as filling in forms and clicking on elements.

Instant access. No registration required, no obligation.

Highly customizable tests

Users’ geographical zone

For reliable tests in “real conditions”, it is important that the virtual users employed during the test come from the same geographical zone as your real users. With CloudNetCare you can designate the geographical origin of your virtual users.

Time lapse between steps in your browsing scenarios

If your site is a blog that includes long articles, your visitors will likely stay on each page for several minutes. However, if your site sells products online, your visitors will probably switch from page to page much more quickly. To obtain more reliable tests with virtual users that mimic the tendencies of your real visitors, you can use CloudNetCare to specify the waiting periods between two steps in your browsing scenarios.

Patterns in traffic increases

Choose the pattern of the traffic increase that you wish, from a very sudden to a more gradual increase.

Collect valuable information about your site

Scenario analysis

Once you have created your browsing scenario, even before testing you can discover a lot of interesting information on the pages of your site: weight, detail of HTTP requests, domains to which your site makes calls, screenshots and more...

Test results

The traffic load tests that you make with CloudNetCare give you all the information you need to identify the weak points of your site when a traffic increase occurs: response time, bandwidth, error rate, requests per second, etc...

And many more features and benefits!

HTTPS support

Use HTTPS protocol support to test the secure pages of your site.

Compare several tests

With CloudNetCare’s test comparison feature, you can analyze changes to your web applications’ tolerance to increases in traffic as you optimize them.

Export and share results

Once your test is complete, you can export the results in .CSV format or share them with other members of your team via a permanent link.

Instant access. No registration required, no obligation.