Will your site get stuck in traffic?

CloudNetCare simulates high traffic conditions for your site, in the Cloud, using real browsers.

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Ultra-realistic website load testing

Can your website—and your business—handle unexpected traffic loads? Can you afford the frustration of slow site loading and crashes? Don’t stress. You need answers now, and we can help.

Most website load-testing services send simple HTTP requests to the sites being tested, advertising this as a virtual user test. But your visitors surf on real browsers and so do our virtuals users. That’s why you can count on us to deliver the most realistic load testing available.

CloudNetCare controls thousands of navigators to simulate traffic spikes under extremely realistic conditions. This ensures you much more reliable results — with support for Ajax interfaces, and error detection that traditional solutions cannot offer.

During major operations, will your site get stuck in traffic? Don’t just hope for the best, let us load test your site today!

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